Which countries do you ship to?

We ship internationally. International shipping fee will be reflected on your checkout page.

The following countries enjoy FREE shipping:

  • Singapore (any order amount)
  • Hongkong, Brunei, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia (orders >USD170)
  • Australia, New Zealand (orders >SGD500)

What is Hoolah Installment?

You can now purchase Ms.Kinny slimming products via 3 interest-free instalments with either debit or credit cards. Buy what you need now, and pay later with hoolah. To enjoy the benefit, simply cart out and opt to pay via Hoolah. Easy Peasy!

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What is the recommended consumption?

  • For best results: 2 sachets daily (1 coffee + 1 cocoa daily / 2 coffee daily / 2 cocoa daily)
  • For maintenance of results: 3-4 times weekly
  • After 3 months of daily consumption, please stop for 1 month before continuing again. If you do not consume MsKinny daily, you do not have to take the 1 month break.

What is the maximum amount I can consume in a day?

The maximum amount you can consume a day is 2 sachets.
(1 coffee + 1 cocoa daily / 2 coffee daily / 2 cocoa daily)

What is the difference between slimming coffee and slimming cocoa?

Coffee increases metabolism and aids weight loss, while cocoa blocks carbs and prevents fat absorption hence allowing you to eat whatever you want.

Both can be taken together:
Coffee in the morning and Cocoa before lunch.

Can I consume the slimming coffee and cocoa concurrently?

Yes, our coffee and cocoa can be consumed concurrently. It is recommend to consume 1 coffee and 1 cocoa a day for optimal results.

Is it suitable for people with cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or pregnant?

Consumers with high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues should avoid taking too much caffeine. They should limit their intake to one cup of coffee a day. (If they consume one sachet of MsKinny coffee for the day, they should avoid drinking regular coffee.)

We do not encourage pregnant ladies to suppress their appetite because it is essential for the fetus to gain nutrients for better development. 

Are the products suitable for breast feeding mothers?

We do have breast feeding mothers consuming MsKinny products. If breast feeding mothers do consume caffeine on a daily basis, it is fine for them to drink 1 sachet a day. We always recommend clients to check back with their gynaecologist if there is uncertainty. 

How much caffeine are there in a sachet of Ms Kinny slimming coffee?

About 60mg.

Is your coffee or cocoa dairy-free and nut-free?

Yes, we want everyone to enjoy our coffee! Thus we use coconut milk in place of skimmed milk to cater to our lactose intolerant clients. Our coffee is creamy smooth buy dairy-free. If you are worried of nut allergy, another booster is that our coffee is also nut-free.

Is your coffee or cocoa suitable for lactose intolerant people?

Yes, it is!

Is it suitable for people with thyroid, high blood pressure or diabetic? 

It is not recommended. Mild diabetic people without any other issues such as heart problems can consume the product 2-3x weekly. Our coffee is not recommended for people with heart palpitations or heart problems due to the high caffeine content.

Is it suitable for both men and women? 

Yes, our products are suitable for both men and women.

Is it recommended to drink it before food or can be consumed any time of the day?

It is recommended to take it with food (especially if you are prone to gastric). It can be consumed anytime of the day, preferably earlier in the day (breakfast/ lunch).

Are the ingredients 100% natural?

Yes, it is!

Are there any food that cannot be consumed together with this coffee?

Kindly abstain from alcohol.

How long is it recommended to take the coffee in order to see results?

Results can be seen in approximately 1-3 weeks with daily (2 sachets) consumption. Results can vary, as it is dependent on individuals' BMI, lifestyle, body constitution and body type.

What are the differences between MsKinny slimming coffee versus other slimming coffees in the market?

The ingredients used in this coffee are natural and safe for consumption. These ingredients can be found in health food to increase metabolism.

MsKinny ingredients have no long term side effects. Most people are concerned not just on immediate side effects like migraine, feeling nauseous diarrhoea, but also on long term side effects that cannot be detected. All our ingredients are used within approval specifications.

Guarana is used in carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks. One of Brazil's national soft drink (Guarana Antarctica) is named after using Guarana as their main ingredient.

L-Carnitine is an ingredient that helps to burn fat, improve your mood and memory. It helps to increase metabolism and it is also a vitamin like supplement that is found in your kidney and liver. 

L-Glutamine is an amino acids building blocks of protein. It helps you to lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass and curbing appetite.

Coconut oil helps to boost metabolism, curb hunger and they are sent straight to out liver to produce energy or turned into ketone bodies. 

We don't promote our coffee to help you lose weight drastically, because it is kind of impossible for you to do so unless the product contains banned substances.

We do encourage you to drink our coffee to lose weight safely. Have a balanced diet by curbing your appetite so that you don't binge on snacks, over-eat. Increase your metabolism so that you will lose more calories when you exercise or do daily activities.

Does it taste like 3-in-1 coffee?

Our coffee does not taste like 3-in-1 coffee, but 2-in-1 coffee!
We do not put additional sugar in the coffee.

Can I use hot water to prepare the coffee or cocoa? 

Yes, you should use hot water to dissolve the coffee or cocoa.

Can I consume your products if I am taking other diet supplements?

We wouldn't recommend you to take them concurrently as it is beyond our knowledge to advise on other dietary supplements, and if it contains any harmful ingredients. 

Consuming too much dietary supplements might also be too strong for your body, so we don't recommend mixing them together.

How many sachets are there inside a box?

There are 15 sachets inside a box, which is good for 1-2 weeks of supply. Thus most of our clients buy 2 to 3 boxes for a start, to achieve optimal results.

Are there any side effects of the cocoa? 

People with wheat allergies and shell fish allergies should avoid cocoa carb blocker. Cocoa carb blocker may cause mild bloating in the first few days. This will go away in a week.

Will my weight bounce back once I stop consuming the products? 

Your weight should be maintained. That being said, a healthy and balanced diet/ lifestyle is always recommended to maintain the weight. You can still take up to 3x a week to maintain your weight.

You said your coffee is dairy free, but I see "skimmed milk" in the ingredients list? 

We use dairy-free skimmed milk. Please be assured that our coffee is 100% dairy free.

Ms Kinny SG Authorised Distributor
MsKinny SG Authorised Distributor
Ms Kinny Slimming Coffee & Cocoa Reviews

MsKinny Slimming Coffee & Cocoa Reviews
Ms Kinny SG Slimming Coffee & Cocoa Reviews

MsKinny SG Slimming Coffee & Cocoa Reviews