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What are the white bits or strains in some of Well Daily Hand Sanitisers? 

Ingredients in Well Daily Sanitisers may have undergone limited processing. The white bits or strains are from the natural process of sedimentation from the gel process. Some batches may be affected but it is purely cosmetics and does not affect the quality of the sanitisers.

Variations in color, clarity, etc. can be expected from lot to lot due to our use of naturally occurring ingredients.  

Meantime, info on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Since each experience is unique, this information is in not intended to make claims to any individual experience.

Why is Well Daily Sanitisers not as "gel" like as mass market brands? 

Well Daily sanitisers are largely made up of 70% Ethyl Alcohol and deionised water. Ethanol itself is liquid. 

It is further thickened and moisturised by Glycerin and Hydroxythercellulose. If we add too much hydroxythercellulose, the solution will be thicker but leaves behind a stickier feel.

As compared to mass market gel sanistisers, there’s no addition polymers or artificial processing done to the solution. Hence Well Daily Sanitisers gel seems more watery than mass market brands.

However the function of our sanitisers is superior and can effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses without harming your skin in the long run — which is most important.

What is the smell from Well Daily Hand Sanitisers?

As there's no additional fragrance added into Well Daily Sanitisers, the smell is from the mixture of 70% ethyl alcohol and glycerin.

Our team is currently formulating a range of sanitisers with natural essential oils.

Why is there no fragrance in Well Daily's Sanitisers?

If your hand sanitiser is scented, then it's likely loaded with toxic chemicals. Companies aren't required to disclose the ingredients that make up their secret scents, and therefore generally are made from dozens of chemicals. Synthetic fragrances contain phthalates, which are endocrine disrupters that mimic hormones and could alter genital development. You should also look out for parabens, which are in many skin care products. They are used to preserve other ingredients and extend a product's shelf life. ​Our team is currently formulating a range of sanitisers with natural essential oils.

How often can we use Well Daily Hand Sanitisers?

You can use as long needed however we would still recommend for you to wash your hands thoroughly with hand soap and water under extremely dirty conditions.

Can children use Well Daily Sanitisers?

The recommended age to use sanitisers on children will be 2 years old and above. Meantime please keep the sanitisers away from children and only use it under adult supervision. If your child has any existing health or skin condition, please approach your children's doctor or pediatrician for advice. 

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